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Associate professor, Department of Pathology, Alluri Sitaramaraju Academy of Medical Sciences, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. , vali_shaik31@rediffmail.com
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Background & Aims:  People with diabetes, exhibit increased platelet reactivity. Both insulin resistance and insulin deficiency increase platelet reactivity. Platelets play a vital role in the pathogenesis of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). It has been shown that PC and MPV are independent predictors for poor outcome in primary intracerebral hemorrhage. The aim of the study is to analyze the platelet parameters in patients with some non-hematological disorders such as diabetes mellitus type 2, acute coronary syndrome, and acute ischemic stroke.
Materials & Methods:  Blood samples were collected from 400 subjects and analysed using the Sysmex KX-21 automated hematology analyser. 300 patients presenting with non-hematological disorders and 100 age and sex matched healthy controls were checked for Platelet indices such as PC, MPV, PDW and P-LCR. The platelet morphology was studied on peripheral blood smear for considering the arrangement, granularity and size of platelets.
Results:  In total non-hematological disorders, DM type 2 accounts 37.33% (n=112), followed by 35.67% of ACS (n=107), and 27% of AIS (n=81). In diabetes mellitus type 2, PC was statistically elevated along with MPV compared with healthy controls. MPV and PDW were significantly raised in the patients admitted with ACS. In acute ischemic stroke, we noted that there was an elevation in MPV and a decrease in PC compared to them in the control group. Study showed discrete arrangement of platelets in 90% of DM type 2, 88% of ACS, and 80% of AIS patients. PBS in various clinical conditions showed granularity of platelets in 84 % of DM type 2, 81% of ACS and 83% of AIS patients.  Study showed increased percentage of macrothrombocytes as 60% of DM type 2, 56% of ACS and 52% of AIS patients. The percentage of large platelets on PBS was increased beyond normal limits in DM type 2, ACS and AIS cases, indicating that there is an increase in size of the platelets supporting an increase in MPV.
Conclusion:  The measurement of platelet indices may provide useful diagnostic and prognostic information to emergency physicians caring for patients with ACS and AIS.
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