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Relationship between cognitive emotion regulation strategies and body image with eating disorder symptoms in secondary school students (5860 Views)
Tracking of the Maillard reaction products in oral liquid formulation of sertraline hydrochloride (5093 Views)
The efficiency of transdermal insulin deliveryby using different concentrations of insulin ointment in hyperglycemic rats (4829 Views)
A Study on the Intestinal Parasitic Infections among Elementary School Students at a District (Silvana) In Urmia, West Azerbaijan (4750 Views)
The effect of co-administration of restraint stress and morphine in prenatal period and re-exposure to stress at the end of infancy on corticosterone blood levels and pentylentetrazol-induced epileptic behaviors in rat (4662 Views)
Cetrorelix preserves follicular viability in Cyclophosphamid-induced ovarian toxicity (4541 Views)
Body Weight Status among Urban High School Girls and Its Related Determinants in Urmia, IRAN, 2005 (4534 Views)
The contribution of GABAb circuits in the pro-epileptogenic action of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in hippocampus (4426 Views)
IgE levels are increased in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection (4256 Views)
Basic and clinical role of vitamins in epilepsy (4051 Views)
A Review on Green Synthesis, Cytotoxicity Mechanism and Antibacterial Activity of Zno-NPs (4011 Views)
The History of early promulgation of eyeglasses in Persia (3860 Views)
The action of cobra venom on the vestibular compensation and its protective effect after administration of GABA in conditions of unilateral labyrinthectomy (3743 Views)
Study of relationship between Effective Factors in Addiction Tendency with Psychological Dimensions of Addicts who referred to Health Settings in Urmia (3499 Views)
Determination of Serum Survivin for Prognostic Role in Esophageal Cancer (3494 Views)
Investigating the effect of Sclareol on IRE-1 and PERK genes the pathway of reticulandaplasmic system stress in gastric cancer cells MKN-45 (3393 Views)
Inter-relationship between evolutions of the temporal trend of urinary iodine excretion with iodized salt accessibility and thyroid function in an exclusive cohort of mothers residing in a mild iodine-deficient region (3318 Views)
Effects of Anethum graveolens, Urticadioica, Milk thistle Aqueous Extract and Deferoxamine on total iron binding capacity ,iron and ferritin levels (3170 Views)
Study of Needle Stick Injuries Status and its Effective Factors among Nurses (3149 Views)
Effect of probiotics on quality of life and depression in pregnant women with gestational diabetes: A randomized double-blinded clinical trial (3096 Views)
Relationships among urea, protein and macro-mineral concentrations in colostrums and whole milk in lactating mares (3095 Views)
Gut Microbiota, Dysbiosis and Immune System; A Brief Review (3070 Views)
Evaluation of Malondialdehyde Levels and Total Antioxidant Capacity in Patients with Hyperthyroidism (3066 Views)
The assessment effect of antibiotic as prophylaxis against post-operative complications in elective surgery (3012 Views)
Common fungi and major factors of the contamination of student dormitories indoor (2971 Views)
The Effects of Antioxidants Supplementation on Asymmetric Dimethylarginine, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and C-reactive protein Levels in Female Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (2948 Views)
A 15;15 Translocation in a couple with Repeated Abortions: Case report (2934 Views)
Effects of Mindfulness on Temptation and Emotional Schema with Mediator Role of Substance Craving in Drug Addicts (2926 Views)
Cytotoxicity, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Crocus Sativus Petal Extract (2858 Views)
Determination of the relationship between the severity of Behcet's disease and the expression and methylation of IL-10, IL-6 and IL-8 genes (2845 Views)
Relations between macro and trace elements in the serum of dairy cows in Urmia, Iran (2755 Views)
The serum level alterations of Acute-phase proteins, serum alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, haptoglobin and alpha-2-Macroglobulin in the Patients with Stage I of Multiple Myeloma (2754 Views)
Effects of exhaustive training with L-arginine consumption on inflammation and oxidative stress biomarkers in young bodybuilders (2744 Views)
A comparative study on the effect of a resistance training period with and without vascular occlusion hand on changes in fibrinogen, lipids, and lipoproteins in young girls (2744 Views)
Lipid profile and inflammatory biomarkers as a prognostic factor for outcome in DFUs: Is there any relationship? (2718 Views)
Reduction of Oxygen Saturation and Increase of Heart Rate in Hospital Workers Wearing Face Mask during Routine Shift (2713 Views)
Comparison of traditional prenatal diagnosis procedures and Cell-Free DNA in maternal plasma as a new molecular approach for prenatal diagnosis (2700 Views)
Evaluation of stemness genes expression of OCT4, SOX2, Nanog, C-Myc and surface marker of CD133 on myeloma cells (2689 Views)
Biochemical assessments of effect of nefidipne on ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat ovaries via systemic administration (2684 Views)
Genotyping the human papilloma virus infection in Iranian women referred to ShahidMotahari Hospital, in Urmia, with Real-Time PCR techniques (2671 Views)
Frequency and genetic diversity of Acanthamoeba spp. free living Amoeba in water sources of Urmia, North west Iran (2669 Views)
Several models of induction seizure and epilepsy in experimental animals (2666 Views)
The Potential risk factors of Ischemic stroke incidence and mortality (2656 Views)
Tropisetron ameliorates oxidative stress in type-1 diabetic experimental rats (2649 Views)
Timing of the first deciduous tooth eruption (incisors) and its related factors in infants: a longitudinal study using Cox’s proportional hazards model (2640 Views)
Prenatal and early postnatal ethanol exposure induces hepatic transcriptional factors, gene expression transition and structural changes in the liver of offspring: A three month follow-up (2574 Views)
The effect of omega fatty acids oral administration on apoptotic regulatory proteins in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma under chemotherapy-A double blind clinical trial study (2565 Views)
In vitro activity of Propolis alcoholic extract on opportunistic pathogenic fungi (2527 Views)
Study of Effective Factors in Quarrel Tendency in Male Citizens who referred to Forensic Medicine Organization in Urmia (2520 Views)
Nanobodies: emerging tools for clinical applications (2512 Views)
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